FS: Modwright SWL 9.0 SE Valve Preamp

New streamer and speakers :star_struck: means I need to raise some funds so I’m selling this lovely Modwright preamp. This is a linestage only - no phonostage.

Immaculate condition - boxed with remote, manual etc.

Fitted with a NOS pair of Sylvania 5687WA valves and also comes with a set of NOS GE valves.

Plenty of reviews and user comments on the web.

£575 + £15 Delivery

Collection / Demo in Northampton NN6

I am going to Nicks (myrman) bake-off next week so could take it there for collection or AA taxi.

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Somebody please buy this before I do something rash.

I was thinking the same but then the unreal became real. God bless all gods

Terrific build and parts quality to go with the excellent sound - hard to think of much under £1500 that would beat it.

Only available so cheap because I am the master of the used market.:smile:


Let’s see just how drunk I get this evening… :beer:

Bottoms Up!

Chin chin, old bean :beers:

Sold pending the usual.


Not surprised it only took an hour at that price, fuck me that was practically giving it away.

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Now I can safely get drunk.

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Did you buy it ?

I’m just a very nice person.:innocent:


No, although my relief is tinged with sadness…

Just have to drink some gin and get maudlin instead. :+1:

Their preamps aren’t very good though.

Your kind words mean so much. Thank you.

The @smeagol of AA.

Speaking of which, anybody know how Chris is doing ?

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