FS: Moon i5 integrated pre-amp/amp

Posted up tonight in advance of Settle. Exact details and pics tomorrow.

£ 720 DPD. £700 Settle.

Usual Moon battleship build quality, with original small metal remote.

Bought from an eBay seller in town, who’d moved up from London. Late 90’s model.

Ian, at Loud&Clear, is the man in the know about the Moon brand in the U.K
He’s consistently maintained that the pre-amp wears the trousers, and my ears agee.
Which is why I continue to enjoy visits to their stately pleasure-dome.

If you’ve not come across the volume control, 'tis a beaut.
Best value as a pre-amp together with power amp of choice.

Sorry, the Musicmaster is not up for grabs. Just too good as a spare/music- making room extra.