FS: More Vinyl 400 LP's - Mostly Jazz

After a few requests I have created an online spreadsheet of LP’s for sale.
Example Images show the first 150 LP’s -NB images here are no longer up to date. Please request a link by PM to the whole editable and latest list where you can reserve your wants directly.

Postage in proper Mailers is £6 for up to 7 single LP’s at time

Unless marked in the RH column they are just £5 each
Payment preferred as paypal gift - My paypal address is avail by PM - Not the email that is not above any longer

you can share the spread sheet online and allow people to reserve directly within that (turn on tracking so no sneaky twats try to delete someone elses name :slight_smile: )

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That’s a good idea - Looking into it now cheers - hardly done anything a spreadsheet for eight years.

OK - I have transferred the spreadsheet online -If you want access please PM me your email and I will share it with you.

Pm sent for the Jazz spreadsheet - definitely one of my favourite spreadsheet genres :smiley:

Paul - I can’t find your PM with your email address on - Might be my lack of understanding or that you havent sent one?

Sticking your email on here opens it to scanning and misusing. By bots.
I’d start with a pm and send it that way.
Grace Jones 12 inch for me pls.

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Nos 1 and 134 please.

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3x Claire Hamill nos 66,67,68 please

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Micky hi - I have sorted those seven. Lovely choice address needed by PM please