FS: Nakamichi 630 Pre/Tuner (Tuner iffy)

For sale at stupid cheap price, one nice condition (not immacualte) period Nakamichi 630 pre/tuner. pre works fine, tuner works sometimes, but needs a service.

Looking for £50 collected, can post at cost. A stock pic is below;

No real idea what it’s all for, but it looks the shizzle :thumbsup:

There’s a strong whiff of Braun about it.

It’s a pre-amp with a tuner (the big rotating knob), this is my second one. The pre is actually quite good and it looks 1970’s designer.

Being 1970’s it has a turntable phono stage.

Yes please. You have pm


Like the look of that, reminds me of the 47 labs receiver

That looks well cool! :heart_eyes:

Meh !

The system one is so cool


I just did a little sex wee…:heart_eyes: :stuck_out_tongue:

I say, ding dong!

I’ve got the cassette deck in silver, and would love to find the rest in good nick to match.