FS: Nelson Pass First Watt SIT-3 amplifier

A stereo power amp made by Nelson Pass with currently unobtanium SemiSouth Static Inductor transistors (SIT): First Watt SIT-3.

Limited run of 250 pieces, already sold out in bare 2 months since release.

18w of SIT class A, with unusually high damping factor so very good at controlling difficult speakers. I would say anything over 90db/w sensitivity is a speaker good to go with.

UK voltage - 240V AC.


Lots of very positive impressions world wide:




Lots of effort to “tune” 2HD and to emulate a triode sound (whatever this means) while having benefits of solid state (lower running costs). Class A but doesn’t get unreasonably hot so plain 10cm above lid is enough (much cooler than F3 I used to own).

The unit for sale (sorry for bad pics, I need to wait for a better daylight)

One month old, barely run in. Fully boxed with all the papers as delivered from the US. You are basically buying a new unit.

European RRP 5000 EUR. Asking 3570 EUR delivered to London area, plus additional costs of local UK shipping. I would appreciate if you could organize courier and accept responsibility for this part of transport. Payment by bank transfer or PPG, whatever you prefer.

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Nice looking amp Gordan.
I have heard the SIT 2 version and it was very good.

Thanks! I need to take a pic of sticker with voltage, people keep on asking me on it. Yes this is factory spec 240V version.

Here’s the new amazing review of the amp, this time in Stereophile:

“I consider this type of thinking radical intelligence, and my experience with the First Watt SIT-3 suggests that it is among Nelson Pass’s finest achievements. It’s too bad that SemiSouth went south; it’s too bad Pass will make only 250 SIT-3s; it’s too bad that so few audiophiles will ever experience its unique, information-rich pleasures; and it’s too sad that even fewer audiophiles will comprehend the 100 years of engineering wisdom distilled by Nelson Pass into this modestly priced masterpiece. Bravo, Maestro!”

Read more at https://www.stereophile.com/content/…ower-amplifier

Lots of interest but nothing confirmed yet, so still available.

Not available anymore.