FS: Oppo 103D Blu Ray Player

Multi-region Oppo 103D Blu Ray player. Works perfectly. This has the Darby visual processing board. I replaced it with a 203 and I can’t tell the difference on Blu Ray. There are a few scratches on the top of the unit but the facia is fine. Remote included but not pictured.

£200 - Collection only from near Coventry as I don’t have the box.

I’ve added pictures.

Oh that’s tempting… I’m going to ruminate on that. Have you compared a player of that calibre with a more standard player? I have a well-reviewed Sony bluray player, and I’m very happy with it, but funnily enough the last few days I’ve been discussing the merits of higher-end players with a couple of people, and we’re all wondering about what exactly one gains. Oppo specifically came up.

I went from a £200 Panasonic to the 103D. The improvement in picture quality with Blu Rays was noticable. Colours were more vibrant and realistic. Darker areas were darker. Motion in sci fi movies was better. I can’t comment on sound as I don’t have surround sound.


Ok great. I have a really good projector, so it could be argued that I should feed it the best I can. I have some cash coming in tomorrow, so I’ll see where I am after that, and get back to you, unless someone snaffles it first.

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Actually you know what, I’ll take it. Switching to PM.


Still available.

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I’ve just found the unused wireless adaptor.

Ian bring it to Des’s I’ll have it along with John Mayall and Dire Straits Vinyl…

Will do Micky, except the Dire Straits album has already been sold.