FS: Oppo Sonica Dac - Boxed Mint

Oppo Sonica Dac - Boxed Mint. 2 months old, bought from Peter Tyson.

Move to digital active speakers forces sale.

Fabulous product that comprises a state of the art DAC (worth the asking price alone) combined with a great streamer with an excellent app complete with built in Tidal and Spotify (just as good as the Aurlaic Mini I had previously), plus it has preamp functionality, volume control etc - though for best results I recommend using an integrated or seperate preamp.

See reviews here:

For £800 new it really is remarkable value - they have used a fairly basic case and display to keep it in budget (though I always had the display switched off anyway). If Lumin or Chord made it they would shove it in a fancy CNC milled case and charge £5k!!

Asking £650 delivered.


Seriously impressive dac / streamer - half the price of a 2nd hand Auraluc Altair, and this has a much better dac.