FS: Pass Aleph 5 Clones SOLD

Pass Aleph 5 60w Monoblocks.

Built by me December 2014.

12 15000uf caps per channel.
500VA transformers.

The chassis was lasercut from 5mm Aluminium, rattle can paint job by me is pretty crap but they look ok from 6 feet :slight_smile:

Around £1000 in parts cost.

Pick up only, or via bake-off, meat taxi etc.

£600 ono.


lordmotlock on pfm was looking for some alephs, he was put off by the prices elsewhere but these are a bargain.

I’d point him over but i’ve been banned (again)

Yes please :slightly_smiling_face:. Pm incoming.

Be sure to include some amp boards & wiring before you ship!


Forgot that picture.


Excellent decision Wayne. I love my Alephs.


Second dibs pls.

Ian could you do me a favour if you’re going to Nicks bake off and pick these up for me if I collect from you?

With pleasure.


Brilliant, you’re a gent Ian :clap::clap::clap:

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Any recommendations for a good matching preamp?

B1 buffer, or something valve.

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blimey , thought i saw you on there !!! what a pain

Out of interest, what input impedance do they present & what’s the input sensitivity?

They should be identical to the factory originals:

Gain 20 dB balanced, 20 or 26 dB balanced
Freq. Response - 0.5 dB at 2 Hz, -2 dB at 100 KHz
Power Output 60 watts/ch 8 ohms
90 watts/ch 4 ohms
Maximum Output 30 volts, 8 amps
Distortion (1KHz) 1 % @ 60 watts, 8 ohms
3% @ 90 watts, 4 ohms
Input Impedance 10 Kohm unbalanced
25 Kohm balanced differential
Damping factor 50 nominal
Output Noise 600 uV unweighted
DC offset < 100 mv
Power Consumption 300 watts

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Think its something like 1.5v unblanaced with the -ve shorted, and 3v balanced input sensitivity.

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happens every few months, call someone a cunt over there and they get very upset about it.

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Bloody hell, plenty of targets there.

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pffffttt !

I saw this the other day

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