FS Pink Triangle Anniversary with SME V

Deck is in excellent condition with original hinges and the pink lid is near perfect. Headshell on SME V has a couple of small marks but only visible close-up, otherwise excellent, PTA in original box but no box for the arm. All in perfect working order.

Price for deck and arm £4,500, ONO



A wonderful thing still lust after one :point_up:

Do it, it’s a hell of a combo.


Hello, please may I have some information about the turntable? Please you can reply here

Thank you very much
Kind regards

Suggest removing your email from the reply and send him a PM instead.

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Thank you very much

please how can I send him a PM? thanks

Click on his avatar - “message” button.

Someone might need to enable messaging for you first.

click on his name/icon and in the corner is a button for ‘message’


Too sloooow :laughing:

Mods have to enable private messaging, it isn’t automatic for newbies.

I’ve sent him a message and changed his status :+1:


£1k reduction to £6,500.

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Not getting any interest in the entire rig, probably because the cart is unknown. So now willing to sell without the cart/SUT.

Price for Anniversary and SME V.

£4,500 ono