FS: Pioneer RT-707 R2R

Pioneer RT-707
Serviced in 2018

Collection or taxi. Really wouldn’t want to post.


Shit, are you sure?

Yes, long term I would like a Technics 1500, in the mean time I just have not been able to pick up as many tapes as I’d have wanted.

Yeah, I’m in the same boat really. When a 3.25 ips copy of Aretha’s Gold is going for £100 + post etc you need to apply a reality check.

Unless you’re 7.5 ips Wayne, of course.

It’s not the cost, its not having enough suitcase space to bring them back :rofl:


Excess baggage charge for an extra suitcase is deffo cheaper than postage + vat + import fees.

No space in the car :frowning: (As we found out when we brought an extra back one time)

Roof rack

God no.

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Christ, I bought a copy of that about 4 or 5 years back for £25.

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Withdrawn, its going on eBay.