Fs Power Cable

For sale: Coincident CST Extreme Power Cable with Furutech uk plug x 2.4m.
Excellent condition, never used. Cost $835 will except $450.
Can deliver if fairly near or post (extra).

Is that US, Canadian, Aussie dollars?

They were bought with US at the time but I will accept Canadian.

I also have several Power Cables with US wall plugs of various length from Audience, Coincidence, Audio Art and MAD (Hefti’s).

What about Zimbabwean?

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No way Jose!

I’m not sure that you’ll have much luck selling power cables on AA. Experienced audiophiles however are said to be quite taken with them…


I think your right.

Depends on the fuses, not specified I note.

Good luck with the sale though. :sweat_smile:

It has the normal UK plug fuse. :neutral_face: