FS: Quad Lite 5.1 surround speaker package

Four mini- monitors, a centre speaker and a rather tasty remote-controlled subwoofer.

About 12 years old, and expensive in its day. Typical Quad sound and build.

We use an identical set of these in the lounge, but Mrs horace has put her foot down on the idea of me setting these up in the family room. I’ve had to go with a Samsung sound bar (with wireless sub and rear surrounds, fully Dolby Atmosed) instead, which is a shame, as the Quads piss all over it (even through a modest pre-Atmos receiver). We’re talking Brazil vs the village pub team the morning after an epic lock-in.

£200 - which is about 15% (or less) of what they originally cost.

I have the original packaging, but postage would be stupidly expensive, so a meat wagon might be an option with luck and a bit of patience (I’m in Northumberland).

Drive units all in pristine condition. There are some cosmetic marks on the high gloss finish, including some chips on the underside of some of the speakers, but nothing of any concern bearing in mind the bargain price.

Happy to provide more info and photos if you are interested.

You’ll need to supply your own cables (you tight fuckers etc).



Offer me a swap for something. These need to go.

How about an amp or a CD player?

Or just make me an offer.