[FS] Radford STA15 Mk3 power amp

Bought this off a guy on AoS in 2020 and used it for around a week before deciding I didn’t like it.

I bought a matched quad of Genalex KT77 from hotrox for £170 that I’ll include

£1400 cash on collection only.

Here’s the blurb from the original ad that describes the work done as part of a service/restoration

“The amp had a major restoration in 2018, with a comprehensive recap, upgraded coupling capacitors to Mundorf ZN Film/Foil type, replacement silver plated Audio Note speaker binding posts, new stainless steel valve runners with sockets supplied by Radford Revival and the output impedance selector switches replaced with variable input potentiometers. Thus the output impedance is fixed at 8 ohms at present but this can be easily changed by a technician to 16 or 4 ohms as required, but instead, you have a separate volume control for each channel.” The captive mains lead has a male IEC plug fitted, so you can use your normal equipment mains cables. The original transformer cover was showing its age, so I purchased a replacement from Radford Revival. Despite its 50+ years and a few scrapes on the main chassis, the amp looks great. And sounds even better! The amp is currently fitted with JJ EL34s, Svetlana and GE signal valves and a Mullard/Zaerix GZ34 Rectifier, but will also come with a 5 x modern Svetlana Winged C EL34s. It’s playing Billie Holiday as I type this and sounds great.



@malbec - I’d imagine this would play nicely with your Hecos.


A solid offering here. A barn find (eBay offering) STA 15 is £1300 or so these days before any work has been done


I have no doubt that you are correct but I’m holding off for a while and giving my current valve power another chance.

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