FS - Rega R9 & Larsen 4.2

Having a bit of a rationalisation so both my Rega R9 and Larsen 4.2 speakers are up for sale.

Rega R9

I bought these back in 2014 and they had been out on long term loan with a few people as I can’t quite get them to work well in my room(s).

They are a ‘3-way design’ with an external crossover mounted to the rear of the cabinet. The 8" bass driver has no crossover, and used in a transmission line enclosure. The classic Rega RR125 mid bass is used along with a Morel 1" tweeter and an additional 19mm Scanspeak tweeter.

The crossover has a bass attenuation option to help room integration.

I would describe them as grown up versions of the smaller R-Series. I have had the R1, R3, R7, Alya & Jura, which were all great but generally lacking in bass depth and treble smoothness. These R9s are a step up, superb fast bass, still easy to drive and reasonably efficient at aroun 89dB.

They are in great condition, in Cherry veneer. One has a small chip on the top rear corner, the other a smaller ding on the same corner. I don’t have the grilles to hand but I’ll dig them out.
There are a few marks on the outriggers, the original spikes will be supplied.

These don’t come up often but I’m looking for £1100.

Collection only from Faringdon, nr Swindon

Larsen 4.2

Pair of the newer Larsen 4.2 speakers in black finish. These are used but in as new condition, as far as I can see.

Designed to work up against rear walls if you need some discreet but big sounding speakers.
Comes with the original box and packaging etc.

Looking for £600.

Courier Delivery £25 or can deliver locally.

Collection from Faringdon, nr Swindon

System by Robert Seymour, on Flickr

System by Robert Seymour, on Flickr

System by Robert Seymour, on Flickr

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Can’t see the Larsen images Rob

Are the 20p pieces included in the sale?

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Amended :slight_smile:

Yes :+1:

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Where you heading next Rob ?

Japan! :rofl:

Its mainly going towards our honeymoon fund (a year late so far) to Japan. Some will be going towards some tweeters for the Supravox project.
I can’t really afford to have so many speakers sitting around the place, I still have a pair of Frugelhorns in the spare room as well…

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Reduced for quick sale:
Rega R9 £1000
Larsen 4.2 £500

Hi Rob, do the Larsens have down firing woofers?

Nope, just a 2-way. :grinning:


Ok thanks, I thought they might have been like the Decware R3s.

They are not a full Omni-directional design like the Decware speakers, but designed to work up against thd rear walls, unlike omni designs that need lots of room

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A little bumpette

Larsen Sold
Rega still here