FS: Revox B77 mk2 R2R

For sale in very nice cosmetic condition, this is a 2 speed unit (7.5; 15 ips) on 2 tracks.

Perfect if you want to play the ultimate in tape quality from studio master tapes and reissues from The Tape Project etc.

It was serviced and aligned just over 12 months ago.

Ampex tape reel and pick up spool included (and Ampex box for tape), as well as the hard to find NABs.

Yours for £575.

Would prefer collection or meet up.


Is it really 3 speed? I only see 7.5/15 ips on the selectors

GAH! Curse you for posting this - WANT! :angry:

Must. Be. Strong.

Can’t let this eat into my Schumann Resonator budget . . .


Imaginary speed :man_facepalming:

Thanks for spotting - edit underway…

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Have I mentioned that I hate you?

‘Want will conquer hate’

(Crimsondonkey, March 2018)


:heart_eyes::heart_eyes: I’d be all over this if there was a decent selection of tapes available…

Could deliver to Lopwell, but if you’re interested you’ll need to make your mind up quick as I’ve got a couple of people on another forum ready to buy.


Only 14 tapes there - all around £300! :flushed:

Few more here :slightly_smiling_face:


Is blank tape readily available for these?

Google is your friend … and yes it is.

Google is not your friend, it’s out to steal all your data and sleep with your wife.


I used to have one of these - lovely piece of kit…
It’s possible that due to age my memory is playing all sorts of urine-soaked tricks, but don’t these have a dip-switch setting allowing 30ips operation?

So after a few time wasters posing as genuinely interested buyers right up to the point of agreeing payment method and collection :man_facepalming:, this is still available.

None of you fuckers drunk enough to buy this :smile:

I need a BIN button and sit back till booze o’clock…

I sold it :slightly_smiling_face:

Now to use the proceeds to spunk on more hifi shit :+1: