FS - Rolex Oyster Perpetual

As per Cocks on clocks (Part the Second) - #4386 by crimsondonkey I’m looking to sell my Rolex Perp which is c 1970 and is a 34mm watch with a strap that is probably about 7.5 inches.

No original box or papers, I think it dates from late 60s/ early 70s. It was serviced by Rolex via Watches of Switzerland in Birmingham approx 7 or 8 years ago, hopefully they might be able to verify (I’ve emailed them to see if they can confirm). They replaced the glass which subsequently got scratched :man_facepalming: which you can see at lower right hand side. Few marks on the bracelet but nothing that wouldn’t polish out but not really my thing.

Prices range from £2300 to over £3000 on Chrono 24 at the moment so I’ll offer this on here for £1950 with £150 going straight into the AA forum fund.


Pop a Cash Converters logo on the pics. As I understand it, that’ll make it more desirable.


He might even sell two !

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Up £1300 already :nail_care:

Get drunk>Buy watch>Wear watch>Look cool.


Any of you fuckers interested in this, can do a deal if there’s any potential takers?

Otherwise I’ll stick it somewhere else (suggestions not required)

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Who are you calling a fucker then cuntychops?

Anyone that turns up as self identifies :smile:

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It was when you called your OP a ‘Perp’ that I couldn’t bring myself to look at it anymore.

@J_B would know what a ‘perp’ is, and it isn’t a watch :grinning:


Im mostly on here just to trigger.