FS - Sage Bambino Plus (black truffle)

Purchased beginning of Aug this year from Amazon. Don’t have the box so collection only – £200

Will include a new unopened filter with it but don’t have the backflush seal or all the original baskets. Had to remove the plastic insert from the sage portafilter to fit the IMS basket.

Will include some extra gubbins I bought for it:

Bottomless portafilter
IMS 54mm basket
Dosing funnel (not magnetic :frowning: )


Yes please, will PM


You don’t have to buy a coffee machine to come and hear the sub :slight_smile:

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2 birds etc
Quite timely!

You won’t believe how many espresso machine videos I have been watching in the last few days :grinning:


Oi leave that sub alone

Welcome to the dark side

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Your fault + @Wayward

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@thebiglebowski didnt get on with it Chris?

From the pics in the coffee thread he has upgraded already!

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Oh, will go and have a look!