FS Sansui TU 555 lovely green dial tuner

£200 plus post or meat wagon, not in a hurry to sell

Was serviced when I bought it but had it standing around for a couple of years at least - works though (tried it last night)

very good condition apart from a scratch on the beige paint on top at the right rear, which could be painted out or covered with a wooden case as many of these tuners are used with - I like it without and the scratch hasn’t bothered me so left it

based in Staffordshire (Leek) but obvs listening will be troublesome for a few months, its only £200 and worth that just to look at it - small size is really helpful too for cool looking office systems


Might want to include a price, and, indeed, any sort of information…

apologies gruppenfuhrer- internet died mid posting

things a bit slow on the art of sound are they…

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In an educationally subnormal sense, I imagine so, otherwise no idea, I only tro… er post here.

VERY nice little tuner that BTW, trying to work-out where I could hide it…

can’t believe I am selling it really but I have to get rid of some stuff and the 777 in its full sized case looks nicer on my rack

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