FS Simon Mears Ucello Speakers

This is the first pair of Ucello speakers that Simon made, 3 way horn loaded and finished in flame maple and Swiss Pear.

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Review here

Priced at £7k including UK delivery.


Lovely things! What-on-Earth can replace them?

With the new model of the La Scala recently released, my thoughts turned to the Ucello.
But for a larger room, I’d be all over these.

You lack commitment - all you’d have to do is take out all internal walls and floors.

And get divorced.


Noooooo! Why now when I’ve no job and even less money.
Lusted after these since Scalford 6(?) years ago.
I fucking hate my life right now.

Without pulling the cottage down, there isn’t enough RSJ anywhere to sort this out.

The second bit is easier :unamused:

Couple more pictures for you Bob, GLWTS. If anyone needs any info on them just shout on here or PM.

Cheers Simon.


Thanks Simon, appreciated.

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Beautiful looking things

@BobC I have always thought they looked stunning. Would you accept a broken NAF 300b amp in part-ex?

Just joking - I need to pull my finger out and find someone to repair it…

I remember these having the best sound stage in the show to me when I heard them at Scalford. Real pinpoint stuff.

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Heard these back in the day at Scalford, and at Bob’s at the end of last Summer…
They look and sound great…
Can’t think what you would replace them with…?

They sounded great at the Windsor show a few years back when exhibited with Puresound.
They got a mention in the HiFi Critic review of the show

The article probably didn’t help with google searches as the author can’t spell ‘Uccello’ or get Simon’s name right!


He’s struggling with Aurorasound too :grinning: