FS: (SOLD) Project Sunrise (V2) Single Ended OTL Headphone Amp


Decent little valve headphone amp.


  • Single ended OTL class-A output stage. - Power consumption: 13W continuous, 19W peak. - Power supply: 24VDC (0.55A cont, 0,8A peak) - Input Resistance: 21k Ω - Input Sensitivity (6N23): 270mV (dependent on tube) - gain: 26dB (dependent on tube) - Max Output voltage 6.3V into 120Ω - Output Resistance: Selectable 5 or 68Ω - Frequency Response: 10 Hz – 150 KHz (-0.5dB) with 32Ω load - Frequency Response: 4 Hz – 350 KHz (-3dB) with 32Ω load - Signal to Noise ratio: 91dBA (dependent on tube) - Crosstalk: -88dB (dependent on tube) - THD: > 0.013% (dependent on tube) - Suitable for: 32 - 300ΩHeadphones.

More info here: http://www.garage1217.com/MANUALS/SUNRISE MANUALS/SUNRISE II MANUAL 11-10-13.pdf

In good condition and working as it should.

Comes with power supply, printed manual and CD (no idea what’s on it).

Yours for £75 (now reduced to £50) including UK delivery.

Edit: Yes, it really is this fugly.

Nobody wants to buy my shit.

Life is so unfair.

I still have this. Please make me an offer.

Still can’t be arsed with ebay.

I’ve still got this. Reduced to £50, and I’ll throw in a few spare signal valves.

Also, a further 4 years of accumulated dust an no extra charge.

What more do you want, blood? (If so, I’ll see what I can do).

Go on, I’ll have it

Oh, that was unexpected. Suppose I’d better fire it up and check it’s still working (It was when I last looked).

If you don’t hear back by the end of the day, call the fire brigade.

I’ll remove some of the dust while I’m at it.



Initial signs are promising. Looks a lot nicer after a quick clean up.

I’d forgotten that it has an RGB LED under the tube. There are three small trimmers on the PCB which allow for the LED to be adjusted to pretty much any colour. Totally pointless, but hey, why not.

I’ll give it a test with my HD580 to confirm all is well.

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