FS: Some records

The second in my series of "well that didn’t really work, did it ? " record sell offs.

Except for the Steven Wilson and Gabe Knox Albums (duplicates), the rest I re-bought hoping to get back into them :confused:

Anyway -

Steven Wilson - £13.50 delivered
Bardo Pond (Silver vinyl) - £15 delivered
Van the Man - £13 delivered
Gabe Knox (Yellow vinyl) First Press - 177 / 250 - £20 delivered
Delines - Neon Orange Ltd RSD Vinyl - £20 delivered
Black Mountain IV - White Vinyl - £15 delivered

That’s all Folks !!!

Delines please Mike :+1:

I’ll take the black mountain please
Is it the two disc one?

Delines and Black Mountain (2 LP’s ) sold :grinning:

Thanks chaps.

Records are in the post chaps .

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Arrived safe thanks!