FS: Sony CDP-XE900E. Please read

I’m having a clear out so:

Very well regarded in it’s day, with a drawer mounted fixed pickup laser mech (the disc travels rather than the laser), this CD player sounds really good, nice bass, very detailed without being over bright. Tuned UK market apparently.

It’s in good overall nick with no cosmetic issues and comes with the remote.

However, I replaced it in the rack for a reason: it doesn’t like some CDRs or discs that are too scuffed. It will either refuse to read/play or spend an age trying to read the TOC. Most of the stuff that it didn’t play, the Marantz CD6004 that replaced it dealt with without a problem. Reading up it could be either a tired laser or the transport mech needing a bit of a lube up.

Saying that, I’ve had it playing all afternoon and it hasn’t missed a beat, albeit I don’t have many discs in shitty state these days.

They seem to go for around £100 + post, but given there’s a potential problem down the road, how about £60 plus p+p, or pickup/abattoir ambulance is welcome. If posting I’ll need to find a box and stuffing, so might take a few days to send.

Price ?

Sorry hit the post button before I was finished…:clown_face:

I might still have a new laser mech for this cd kicking around…

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Ooh, interesting, if I could replace that and it fixes it, I’d keep it and flog the Marantz CD63 mkii I have in the living room system…

I’ll have a look for it and let you know. Bought iit ‘just in case’ when I had one of these cdp’s a few years ago - loverly player!

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I’d appreciate it mate. Love the way the Sony deals with thrashy rock, definitely doesn’t civilise it at all!

mmmm R2R pRon

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