FS: SP-10, Plinth, Mat, Arm

Having a serious rethink about hi-fi and stuff at the mo, and the first casualty is my SP-10 MkII, complete with uber heavy granite plinth (~20 Kg or so), Tenuto mat, OL Silver MkII arm and matching Brass record weight, all very pretty.

The plinth has a Rega armboard, a blank armboard and the facility (a bit Heath Robinson but perfectly functional) to accommodate a 12" arm.

Looks a bit like this but with the OL Silver arm -

Prefer to sell as a lump for a very low £1000 but will split, after a while, if no interest.


Slate innit?

Robin (wizmax) on the Wam was after a tent platter.

Good price that. Should be around for long.

Sorry, meant Slate.

Now sold, if the fact it’s Slate hasn’t changed things :frowning:

Amazed it took 14 minutes at that price…:crazy_face:

Ah, that’s because I forgot to mention, there’s no PSU :wink:

Well played (as long as the cash is resting in your account). Top Wamm…er… whatever

Now properly Sold.

One born every minute :grinning:


My mum told me I was unique :slight_smile: