FS: Stands Unique 3 shelf Oak stand

Nice quality little rack, you can get a sensibly sized TT on the top, or a telly. I used it as an AV stand.

Some minor marks that I can’t get to show up on photos because glass. A couple of scratches on the legs which, of course show up more on the photos than in real life.

Can be spiked, I think I’ve got some that will fit, if not they’re M8.

Height inc tops of legs approx 450mm (not inc spikes).

Top and bottom shelves: approx 720mm x 420mm x10mm

Middle shelf: approx 545mm x 330mm x 10mm

£50? Which is what I gave @MJ2 for it iirc.

Pick up or Abattoir Ambulance from Wigan area preferred. It will come apart and flattish pack, but it’s heavy and glass and I don’t trust my ability to beat the couriers ability to destroy stuff like this…

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Wasn’t @coco looking for one of these a while back?

Or is my memory failing me?

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No, I have one for sale if anyone wants one…


’ orrible looking things in my book

You crappin’ in a classifieds thread?

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High WAF, not that any cunt here gives a shit about that anymore.


Booooo! Booooo! Leave @Rob998’s FS thread alone

He’ s been told that’s why he’s playing the WAF JOKER

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Just think boys II men…still waiting

As a result of that post, the Grammar Police and particularly the Punctuation Squad have been scrambled. They’ll be around to your house to kick your arse in about 30 minutes.

Still punchdrunk from earlier on

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Lol! you’re celebrating that Academy win good and hard mate. :rofl:

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Picture with cat added.

Cat not included in sale.

Sold, STP.

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@MGOwner Terry can you archive please?

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