FS: Totem Model One Signature Black Ash Mint

Totem Model One Signature in Black Ash.

Mint Condition with original bi-wire links.

No box and tthey don’t come with grills hence drive units exposed and difficult to ship safely, so colllection / meet up only (NN6 8EH)

Superb speakers with a highly resolved, clean yet punchy sound - loads of reviews online.

Asking a firm £600.00

Wish I could buy them, absolutely loved these when I’ve heard them demoed. The sound they produce from such a small box is quite extraordinary.

Really, best to my ears of the small boxers.

Need a little power and space to drive them.

Highly recommended.

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I have now fashioned some protective polyurethane foam covers for the drive units, and have a suitable box and packaging so can ship them if anyone is interested.


Thank fuck for that, stops the temptation to do something rash.