FS: Trafomatic Reference Line One Preamp - Mint

Trafomatic Reference One Line Preamp.

Boxed in excellent condition - bought ex-dem for £1250.00 from Definitive Audio in early March.

Walnut front and comes with matching walnut remote handset.

Stunning high-end valve preamp (rrp 3600 euro) with a very open transparent sound. Similar to EAR from my experience.

The stock valves only have about 100 hours on them and I have recently spent nearly £100 on the very best NOS valves I can find.

Two 1966 Russian Foton Factory Gold Grid 6N6P’s
One Mullard Blackburn Facotry ECL82
And a very early Mullard Blackburn Factoy (branded Mazda) Square Getter EZ81.

Review here:


I have now bought a dac/pre so this is sitting unused.

For a quick sale £900.00.:anguished:

A real bargin at this price. As Paul says it was totally silent in my system. I’m tempted myself :smile:

You should Nick. You can never have too much kit ! :grinning:

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As I say if I can find a power amp that tempts me I will stick with the Trafo

Hold on, isn’t that less than you paid for it. Who changed the rules ??


I’ll take it if available.

I’ve sent you a message.

No follow up from Mayski.:roll_eyes:


What does changing the valves to the NOS ones bring to the sound ?.
How would you describe the sound of the pre with stock valves and with the NOS

And is it still available ?.


The NOS valves brough a minor improvement in dynamics (especially switching to the Foton valves) and the other valves maybe make it a touch warmer and smoother compared to the stock valves. But we are talking very small margins (lifting of veils and all that!!). It was fine with the stock valves but I needed a spare set just in case, and I enjoy hunting out nice old valves. Better than spending money on cables anyway!!

With either set of valves the Trafomatic is a very neutral and clean sounding preamp - it does not add loads of warmth and bloom.

Thanks for the update, I’m currently using a Music First Audio classic v1 pre, its a great sound pre but needs to be more dynamic,
I recently tried a Tron Seven line stage, which I liked a lot, but the top end was a little aggressive on some recordings.

Just trying to decide if the Trafomatic is what I’m looking for.

I had a Music First Classic myself about 5 years ago. Uber clean and transparent but also a bit sterile and lacking warmth.

Would you say the Trafomatic is warmer, and more dynamic ?.
Whats the low end like on the trafo ?.


It’s defintiely warmer than the Music First yes, but then the MFA is as un-warm as it gets so that isn’t exactly saying much.

It’s essentially neutral from top to bottom. The power amp will determine the bass side of things far more than the preamp anyway ime.

We all have different asessments of how things sound though so I dont want to get into the minutaie of trying to describe it as what I feel/hear may not be the same for you.

If you can get past all the waffle the review on 6moons sums it up pretty well imo. For the money I’m asking it’s going to be very hard to beat.

If I went for it where would collection be from ?.

Just wanted to check whether this is still available.

I would be amazed if @unclepuncle kept an amp for ten days let alone ten months. This’ll be ancient history for that box swapping old reprobate.


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