FS: Tron Nucleus Phono Stage (MC)

For sale is my Tron Nucleus Phono Stage in black 240V.

For those that aren’t aware of the model, it was Graham Tricker’s state of the art phono stage at the time and sold for about £3500. Unlike his later models this is all point to point wired with no circuit boards. Not many were made, maybe due to being very labour intensive. I am the second owner from new.

This is set for 100 ohm, suitable for most cartridges. The NOS valves are a matched pair of original Telefunken ECC83’s, diamond based etc; a vintage Mullard yellow label ECF85.

This unit has been significantly upgraded with Jupiter 1 uF 100v copper foil, paper & wax capacitors, Shinkoh & Charcroft Z film resistors and gold wiring by Graeme @Valvebloke for its previous owner.

No box so collection or meet up in the West Mids area would be best, or Meat-Van if this can be arranged.

Yours for £1350.


If you’re interested make me an offer by pm.

Will also chuck £50 in the AA kitty if it sells on here.

How much gain does this have - presumably MM only?

It is MC set at 100 ohm.

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Yes, I now see the title :person_facepalming: :man_facepalming: :woman_facepalming: I really should stay off the interwebs until I’m somewhat awake…

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There are inboard SUTs. I can dig out the details and some gain info when I get home if you’re interested.


Thanks mate, but having spaffed on power amps, I’m out, sadly.

Any interest/ offers?


Suspect not as I have a IO, but would be interesting to know what the internal SUT ratio’s are.

@Valvebloke can you possibly advise if you get a minute?

The notes I made say the SUTs are 1:10 i.e. 20dB of gain. The following stages add a little over 48dB of gain at 1kHz, so at that frequency the box needs 375uV input to deliver 1V output.

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Reduced to £1225.

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