[FS] Tune Audio Prime speakers

Have gone back to Obs as although these work really well in my room they are a bit too dominating size wise.

They are a horn loaded high efficiency speaker that work really well with 300b amps or SS. I’ve been using them with a Modwright KWI200 but previously used an SJS 300b amp and a Sugden A21SE to great effect.

These currently retail for £7,900 are unmarked and come with speaker covers. I bought them off Jack who had taken them back in p/x for some Marvels.


£2200 cash on collection only as I don’t have any boxes for them.

IMG_0662 by The Biglebowski, on Flickr

IMG_0645 by The Biglebowski, on Flickr


@Ijrussell you should buy these.


Yep, would go very nicely with your amps :+1:

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Ian says fuck off,


Hahahahaha :slight_smile:

Nice price