FS: Vacheron Constantin Triple Calendrier 1942

I have no intention of haggling with dealers or handling neurotic punters, but in the unlikely event that anyone here is interested …

40mm, triple date, steel.

The head is indistinguishable from new. The strap has some slight wear, and obviously comes with the OEM tang buckle.

Accompanied by an absolute load of branded tchotchkes - inner and outer boxes, “passport”, swing tags, a USB stick :man_shrugging:, unused cleaning cloth and critically the date pusher tool.

Retail is £19,300. I think this has actually gone down a bit in the last year? But I couldn’t swear to it.

I’m asking a cost-of-living-special £12,000, which is slightly less than I paid, and less than anything on Chrono24.

In the wacky world of big-hitter manufactures this is actually pretty good value for money IMO.

TBH I would probably hand-deliver the watch if you buy me a pint.


I wish. ~wistful sigh~ I’m about £11,000 short rn.

For the less-initiated: If someone wanted one today, they’d be importing it, since waiting lists are both endless and subject to the dealer liking the look of you… Having met many of you…

If you import used, you’re looking at ~£18,000 upwards with all of the tax, duty, fees etc. Assuming it ever arrives. Assuming it’s real.

Prices of big-3 watches have plateau-ed - investors, as opposed to collectors, have got twitchy sphincters due to the whole planet being on fire’n’shit, and are unloading, but this is a safe bet longer-term, for what little my opinion is worth.

Real watchmaking at its finest for the price of a mundane, mass-produced bit of mugger-bait.

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Thank you.

I was hesitant to point out that any prices you see on Chrono24 would be subject to a good clattering upon the arrival of the watch into this country.

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I hope it goes to a genuine collector who will treasure it. :ok_hand:

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One of the loveliest things I have ever seen for sale on here :heart:


Lovely, just deciding on either the local post office or bookies.


No-one knocks over building societies any more, do they?

Country’s going to the dogs I tell you.


Swap it for a sub