FS: Voyd 0.5 reference Turntable

For sale my personal Voyd 0.5 Reference turntable. I have owned this from new, and collected it personally from Guy Adams in Cheltenham in the early '90s.

This represents the penultimate step up the Voyd range and has the platter, bearing and power supply from the Reference, plus large brass yokes for the three Papst motors to sit in, which are unique to the 0.5 Reference.

This particular unit is one of the extremely rare double speed versions, as seen from the very small pulley diameter, which hugely increases torque; so much so that it is almost indistinguishable in sound from the Reference.

Given it’s age, it is not a huge surprise that there are a few small marks on the wooden frame, mainly caused by the lid, one mark on the psu and the speed selector switch is a little bent, all of which I have tried to show here.

I am happy to set it up with your arm and cartridge, and can supply it with one of a number of arm boards to suit most types of arms. I currently have 6 different arm boards for Rega, Linn, SME, Wislon Benesch, Fidelity Research and Helius arms.

I cannot remember the last time one of these very rare Voyd 0.5 reference turntables became available, but on the basis that a Reference is worth in excess of £6,000 I am asking £4,500 including delivery and setup in mainland UK.


Whassup? Scared I’ll buy it :wink:

Go for it, anything possible :grin:

I’d love to, it’s a very, very nice t/t.

Sadly, I have other priorities atm. There’s still a lot of materials to buy for the cottage. :frowning2:

Someone is in for a treat though :+1:

I have seen and heard this many times. The photos over emphasize any issues.

Not one to brag about his kit Simon omitted to mention that it is only for sale as he found himself a Reference which he drove to mainland Europe to collect. Take him up on the delivery /installation as once set up they stay that way.

Simon currently has two of my Voyds in for service so there is little that he doesn’t know about them.

Not looking, not looking, not looking.

Still not looking.

I have a 12" arm now so wouldn’t work anyway. Pressure off.

No problem Keith, I have 3 arms you could choose from which would fit: AN Arm One-3 mk2, Fidelity Research FR64-FX or AN AN-1s :grin:

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are you able to post to residence in usa? is the power supply able to run on usa voltage/freq…120 volts/60hertz?
price for the table and the audio note arm you have?
thank you for your consideration.
i am listed on audiogon as dbl.
phil dinsmore

In principle, yes it can be shipped, but it is likely to be pricy.

As to whether it may work at 120v I will need to dig about inside the psu and check the mains tx. I will try to get back to you in a few days.


I am new to this forum. Is this turntable still available for sale ?

yes, in fact it reappeared last weekend