FS: Yamaha YSP-4100 soundbar

One top-flight soundbar for sale.

I’m sure you can google the details, but in short it has 4 HDMI inputs and decodes absolutely everything including the newer HD (Blu Ray) formats like DTS-HD Master.

From memory it has something like 40 small individual drivers in it, with a larger mid-range at either end. It does all sorts of magical DSP so has an auto-setup to work out the kind of room it’s in and adjust accordingly.

Comes with the (well used) remote, instructions, a load of bizarre cables, setup mic and the extremely lame cardboard stand for the mic (use a camera tripod if you’ve got one). I believe I still have the box in the garage, although it’s probably a bit dusty.

Beware this thing is WDH 103921cm, it is not a small piece of equipment.

Cost me £799. Yours for £100 collected from London SE21. It has the dimensions and weight of a rocket launcher, there’s no way I’m shipping it. And no, I won’t pack it up and wait in for your courier either: you collect it personally at my convenience. That’s why it’s £100.

A couple of (admittedly pretty old) photos will hopefully give some sense of dimensions. Other than that it’s a bit of a featureless black monolith.

Seen it


cant use this software so apologies - if its not gone then happy to take it - been looking for something like this to try