Fuck computer audio

We probably need a thread on this really.

Was having issues streaming Tidal, so decided to use a different laptop (one less than a decade old). In fairness, planning to run six channels of high res convolver would have been a fail anyway, so this has to happen.

So setting up new laptop with the soundcard. No sound, only a thump from one channel at best. I then:

  • fucked about with the config for ages
  • tried different USB ports
  • reinstalled the sound card
  • reinstalled all audio software
  • rebooted a few times
  • tried a different version of the driver
  • prayed to Zeus

Then I got that feeling, that oh fuck feeling. I had ordered a new, 5m, usb cable for the sound card, and used that. Untested. I went downstairs, found a shorter one and an extension cable. And the fucker works now.

OK so it’s not actually computer audio that’s the problem, it’s just computers. I fucking hate them.


You twit! Fancy praying to Zeus :roll_eyes:

Everybody knows it should have been Echo that you prayed to :+1:



Zeus’s father Kronos wouldn’t have stood for any of that digital malarkey.

The Windoze has an update and it stops working. :wink:

He also castrated Uranus, which can’t have been straightforward.


Soundcard? What is this ‘soundcard’ of which you speak?

Stream via USB to an external USB->S/PDIF converter, feed to a DAC, DAC to amplification and, well, y’know, loudspeakers.

Never had a problem!

I use a digital active system; the sound card has 8 channels, allowing a four way system.

Which sound card is it?

Asus Xonar u7

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I have an asus xonar DAC / sound card as well. Except mine has even less hifi credibility as it is inside the computer which is on the floor under my TT.
The computer case is flat and cooled with fluid (no fans), the heat sink just happens to fit and poke out from under the sideboard. I’d be lying if I said this was planned. The 2 small black things are receivers for a mouse and keyboard.

Without checking, I seem to remember 5 meters is about as long as you can get away with for a USB cable connection.

Not quite turntable porn is it :roll_eyes:

I have had issues with cards inside the computer, which I think are earthing ones. Interference between screen and sound, rather annoying. Hence offboard.

My downstairs system has a Lynx AES16, which is in principle the best of both worlds - it’s a PCI card that has multiple (8) digital outs. If only I had five stereo DACs…

5m is the limit of the standard. So you’d think that a 5m cable would be OK :roll_eyes:

You need an audiophile USB cable.

Check back issues of What HiFi for recommendations or just look for the biggest ads.


Have you tried switching it off and on again ?



Didn’t list that, but I did it several times.

I know quite a bit about computers, but still have fallen foul of that one. It’s an awful feeling when a reboot fixes a problem you’ve spent ages trying to sort.

Have you tried any voodoo rituals?
Sacrificed any goats or chickens?

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Only to Zeus