Fuck it! - Fridges for sale (Black)

Probably going to regret this as I’ll never find another pair.

Good condition with all (massive) packaging etc.

Looking for £5K

Definitely won’t fit in a car but if you are close enough I can deliver in my van.

:open_mouth: Barrrrrrrrrrrrr-gin!

But yeah, WTF are you going to replace 'em with?!

I’ve never heard anything that I could remotely begin to afford that could displace mine…


Like I said to you before my hearing is getting worse and TBF I could use the cash on some house renovations.

Sourced some 2 ways (my old ones) which will be fine once I acclimatise.

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Bang a sub in the mix mate - in the same circumstances it’s what I’d do. The Heco ones are actually excellent, if rare.

I’m fortunate I’ve had some watches and backup lumps of hifi to move-on for my building-work fire sale, but we’ve still got a way to go yet…

I have long been thinking of building a pair of bass cabs for these, supposed to have a very nice tone and very popular with bass players.


Not ideal with the hecos though. You want something with more like 95db spl, more xmax and lower fs.

Dis one.

It begins…

I think you are mistaking me for someone who wants to spend £600 !!! on a driver

I don’t think the 2 ways need additional lower bass, they are fine as is, was thinking more generally where I could rotate different standmounts with subs for a variety of flavours.

It is the bass you will miss - all the rest, no - in other areas they are every bit as good.

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Believe me, I’m already wavering! :rofl:

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The drivers you posted are no use what so ever for a sub. They are basically mids.

I wasn’t really thinking subs more highpassing into standmounts making a 3 ways, I think they are good for 40Hz or so.

All academic anyway as I’ll never get round to it :grinning:

Still the wrong drivers for that. Sensitive Pa drivers with 85db stand mounts? Never going to work.

Also, just don’t sell them. Nothing will compare to a decent big speaker and it will just lead to years of bitter regret.


^ He’s right you know ^

Bloody people on forums talking sense!! :grinning:

Withdrawn from sale