Gabion Walls?

Hi, wondering if anyone on here has experience of building a gabion wall?
I need to build one roughly 8 mtrs long by 1.5 mtrs high.

Any tips and tricks much appreciated!

Ta, Rob.

No, hope that helps.



Assume you’re going to try and level your garden? Quite a piece of work - is there access from the back to get an excavator in there?

Surely one has a man for that sort of thing?

Not quite level it, it’s trying to do that it’s self in slow motion.
Basically the existing bodged walls are failing and we need to hold back the rest of Swanwick…

a few pictures would help.

I did a couple of retaining walls at our place.

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Lottery win required for a man for that type of thing :sob:

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Um, fuck. Yeh, the whole remove-one-wall part of replace-existing-wall could be - briefly - interesting…

But also, yeah-but-no-but… no rear access = don’t even think about it - the cages are easy things, the numerous tonne bags of rock, well… just no unless you can HIAB 'em in there?

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It would scare you lol.

Of the failing wall!! :grinning:

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how high is the level change?

Yes, which ever way there will be a fuck ton of shit to move…

Yeah, as someone with about 5 tonnes of assorted rubble to shift - I’m 6 months into prevaricating over that… I can lend you a spade…


I built some gabion pillars. Best advice I can give is but decent metalwork with stainless ties, plenty of them and trust them up nice and tight. If you are cutting your own mesh then get a decent pair of cutters or grinding disc. You will still need a firm base, concrete or compact rubble foundation if going high.

Filled mine with old brick, they work a treat.

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If you have an old house you will probably need an Imperial wall rather than a metric one.

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They were hardcore rockers down here.

Good point, I’ll check the deeds with regards to alignment with decimalisation :+1:

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I’d guess there’s a ton of advice on the web about it. But it sounds like much of it should be pretty obvious. I think the thing I’d be most clueless about would be drainage. Do you put a membrane on the rear and base to try to force rainwater to soak down and underneath the whole lot ? Or do you accept that over time it will wash the finer particles of your soil into the substantial voids in your gabion infill ? Or do you compromise with a skin of blockwork at the back, so a bit like a ‘normal’ wall ?


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Drainage is definitely a thing. I’ve seen control fabric being used plus drainage tubes. The water has to go somewhere in a controlled manner, we do get ‘puddles’ now and then in the garage and bottom of the patio.