Garage refurbishment companies

Shortly will need new garage doors. I currently have a pair of wooden side hinged panel doors i made myself. They have lasted about 20 years and really need replacing. I am not sure I can be arsed to DIY again.

Garage could also do with some TLC on the roof.

Has anyone ever used one of the those garage refurb companies to have an up and over door fitted, and or a garage roof refurb.

I had a roller door fitted, allows storage under the roof.

Might not be what you had in mind but I had a remote control roll up garage door fitted with the aperture modified to create a taller space to get my campervan in. Probably about 7 years ago and cost less than a grand.

i dont have a storage problem - i am not 100% certain the construction of the roof or the garage itself would support a roller door.

Get a remote control one. Ours is a motorised up and over, which is crap if you’re tall.
Electric Roller is the way to go

I’m sure you will go for something understated and tasteful


i have spoken with the neighbours - and looked at pretty much all the garages on the back road, and not one has a roller door as far as i can tell. Pretty much all the garages are of the same construction. I dont want a roller door.

I was more interested in if anyone had used any of those garage refurb companies?

True, if you have sufficient clearance.

So much want.

Nah. This’d be the garage to go for.

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Garage refurbishment companies? Is this a thing??? :thinking:

yes - some national some local

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