Garden wood weatherproofing advice

Our garden flower borders are held back by recycled telegraph poles -

As you can see, they have seen better days. What product would you recommend to treat / re weather proof them? Ideally black and one treatment.


Bitumen is the great healer!

Bloke I know that keeps sheep uses a mix of quarter petrol, quarter diesel and half sumpo - his fences keep very well.

As well as painting it on, you might need to drill some ‘wells’ into such thick poles and leave the stuff to soak down into the wood from the top.

This sort of thing?

Coming from a ban who builds fences out of dead trees that has to be a strong contender

It used to be recommended for the insides of wooden gutters, but I’ve never used it myself.

I think one of the tricky things here is the shit that preserves wood really well is generally not a good mate to things planted next to said wood. Sheep farming that’s not such a problem, but not sure in this situation how well the local flora would cope.

Best to apply in mid summer when the wood is dry for premium gypsy caravan nose feel.

Also worth background green paint, then lots of bright, floral motifs

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Embellishing to really add a subtle magic to the garden is nice


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track down your local tory councillors, one head per pole and the blood will run down to form a nice protective barrier, also acts as a deterrent for any stupid enough to doorstop you in the future.