Garrard 301 Bare Bones ! Help please!

Hi Chaps …I would really appreciate some advice from you knowledgeable ones on this forum…I have a Linn Lp12 and have wanted for some time now get a second T/T,mainly to compare …
Anyway I have just purchased a Garrard 301 in fab condition but without plinth,arm ,cartridge etc…
I have a wooden plinth on order ,it is the rest of the stuff that I’m unsure about…
Which arm and cartridge , also power supply do I go for? and for what reason is my question please.
My amps are Esoteric pre & power and speakers Art Alinico (same as Olans)
Thanks in advance Micky

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Nice 12" FR 66 tipped withh an IO Ltd should do the trick. Maybe an SME 312s with a nice Urishi or the M12 J shape with an SPU or Black fitted.

See if whoever is making the plinth can make it with removable arm boards/plates so you aren’t tied in to a specific mount type.

SME 3012 is also a classic with the 301.

Terminator works very well with Garrards (he says owning one). Rather than power supplies, look at replacement mats as well.

@Mickyricky Congrats you got in there just before I was about to take it!

For a good arm at a very good price try an Audio Creative Groovemaster.


Has the 301 been rebuilt?

No !it is still as original …I’m liking the comments so far

Check out Nigel’s Speed Controller over at Lenco Heaven. Works with the Garrards as well as the Lencos. A lot cheaper than the usual suspects.

I’ve had good sounds with The Wand carbon fibre arm from NZ on my 401.

Hi Micky

Are you thinking of a 12 inch arm or a 9 inch.

Audiomods Series v was good on my 401. The OL silver rb250 I’ve put on it is pretty good and was a very reasonably price.

There are loads to choose from, it depends on budget I guess.

A decent platter Matt will help too.

are you looking for the end game arm/cart combo, or wanting a play along the way. I have heard them sound a bit good with Hadcock, and Nima tonearms, if you wanted upmarket maybe a moerch.

The best one I heard was with a Zeta arm and a Koetsu Rosewood.

The Garrard’s presentation may well be be markedly different to your LP12. What is your hope, in terms of sound, from a 301?
I ask this as suggestions can flow thick and fast re carts / arms / tweaks etc but without a sense of your personal taste and budget they could be spot on or as far as the moon.

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Had a read about that Groovemaster tonearm, it looks really good for the money. It looks like it would make a brilliant partner or your 301 Mick.

I was hoping to get a different sound to the Lp12 …maybe as musical but certainly not a big bassie sound…I was hoping to rig it out with 2nd user arm + cartridge for around £1000 or cheaper then find a phono stage later …whatever I spend if the 301 didn’t agree with me then I would hope to recover my costs…so I’m not wanting to spend more than the going rate if that makes sense…
My musical tastes run through a wide range excluding rap and heavy metal lol…
Thanks for the input so far

Mark (Dive Deepdog) is making a wooden plinth for me at his own leisure …

I would say that’s highly likely

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what are the strengths of the 301 Paul ?

It sounds nothing like an LP12 :smile:


One of the best combo’s I have heard personally on a 301 was a Alphason Designs HR100S and Audio Technica OC9mkii.

It had great bass but also a superb open mid and treble which isn’t a given on these decks with some combinations.

Then Anatek MC1 phonostage :slight_smile: