Garrard 301 + Plinth

Garrard 301 + ply plinth.

301 is really nice condition, schedule 2 oil bearing. It’s spent its life in a cupboard and apart from slight dust bug shadow it’s minty. I’ve had a few through my hands and this ones had the easiest life.
I’ve lubricated and fitted new spark suppressor.

I built the plinth, birch ply with black speckled Corian top. I’ve never been keen on the colour with my grey 301, looks much better with the cream.
Removable armboard, SME fit plus a dodgy Linn fit and I’ll make a blank if needed.

Arm not included.

Collected from Derby


Lovely :heart_eyes:. I’d have had this if I hadn’t just splashed out on something else.

Its in such nice condition, I’ve put it on here first to keep it in the family. If it was tatty I’d punt it on ebay.

Looks lovely that Mark😎!

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Still here…