Gato DIA-400 integrated

Reluctantly letting this pretty thing go as I appear to have considerably more hifi than money… :open_mouth:

This is the original model with built-in 24/192 DAC and an effortless 400WPC (8Ω) - 800WPC (4Ω) in highly-efficient, cool-running Class-D. It doesn’t have the later model’s bluetooth or wifi antennae, but Gato will upgrade it for you at a cost, or you can buy little boxes from ebay to add those features.

You can run this as a pre-amp: the entire power amp section can be switched off, or there is a ‘home cinema mode’ which does the opposite and lets you use it as a stand-alone power amp.

It sounds excellent in all modes. Unlike the usual cliché of Class-D, this is a well-rounded, smooth and unfatiguing listen: more like people think valves are than valves actually are. I doubt there are any speakers out there it can’t control, but it also worked flawlessly with my 94dB sensitivity speakers!

The DAC comfortably-bested my not-inexpensive stand-alone Pro-Ject DAC RS. The USB input doesn’t require additional software to run, and is ultra-quiet

The whole device is designed for negligible energy consumption, it is pretty as hell (anyone needing to ingratiate themselves with their partners needs this), and Gato are a great company to deal with.

I have the remote, manual, power cable and all boxes and packaging.

£4,000 new, and generally around £1,800 - £2,000 used, I’d like £1,150 for this one to reflect the keen price I paid a couple of years ago. Pickup preferred for all the usual obvious reasons, I can also Taxi it to Settle, otherwise we’ll sort something. Forum regulars get first pick, lurkers will need to be patient - I can sell it on ebay at a profit myself, thanks… :wink:

It’s on loan to Edd, so I’ve nicked a couple of extra pics from its original ad, and can take more on Friday if you need them:



Forum bike rides again :grinning:

Good luck.

And to anyone interested, it’s a very tidy piece of kit.

I had a DIA250 which I took to Scalford years ago. Superb amplifier which @horace still has despite his attempts to blow it up. I really regret selling it. GLWTS.

Oi! It’s only tube amps I destroy.

Now my attention is suddenly drawn to this DIA-400. I’m tempted, but as I’ve never even got close to testing the output limit of the DIA-250, it would probably prove to be over-overkill.

Gato truly are a great company to deal with. Best customer service you will find in the audio industry, I suspect.


Tempted just to try it for shits and giggles (haven’t heard a Class D before)


Go on, you know you want to.

Absolute cracker of an amp. Sounds great, looks great, has every feature you could ever want.

And it’s cheap (for what it is).

Buy it.


Still available :ok_hand:

Right then, one of you tight bastards had better buy this, as I’m starting to think about how much I could get for my DIA-250. The answer appears to be not a lot less (or perhaps even the same) as the price of this DIA-400.

Forget what you might have read about Class D, this is just a superb amp, period.

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I genuinely wish I could keep it, but I have a hope of selling this, wheras the ludicrous stack of assorted boxes that constitute the backup / second / AV system are basically unsellable, so this is the one that must go.

They are ludicrously good at £4K, at just over £1K it’s a killer bargain.

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Spot on.

For the record, I am not on commission, nor does Sodders have any incriminating photos.

(Well, he might, but not of me).


Just let me down another cider or two…


You wouldn’t regret it. The Gato was the single best integrated amp I ever owned…

It will have to be good to beat the Modwright

If I had the spare…
Just do it😉

It’s worth buying just to spin the knob and watch the volume readout change.:face_with_raised_eyebrow:


True - I have done that a few times.

My life is a fucking riot (etc).

This was mine before I sold it to Paul. From memory, I think I bought it from Gyroscope on here.

It’s a very capable amp, and will drive anything you throw at it. I used it latterly with a pair of Neat Ultimatum MF9s, which like a bit of shove up 'em. This certainly did that. A proper hi-fi bargain imo.



I believe its full history is:

Ex-dem from Audio Emotion
The next lucky winner.

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