Gentlemen, your wise advice re WIEM

For good wireless IEM.


Effing dumbware limiting ability to edit correct baffling.

I think this is only a question Stronzetto can answer

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So get custom moulded?

Sennheiser Momentum? Think my dad has the IEM version…can check

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Thank you for checking.

Need to be wireless not to make laptop fall over every time.

Enough problems already not carry the weight of over ears.

Need to be in ear,

Given more pain control, realise there some of the range is IME.

Would be glad to hear briefly.

The first offering in a line of fund raising equipment - Hand wired by a glue sniffer in a Grundon bin nr Soho


So one needs more than one pair?

Single long time, unsurprising given health.

Would wish to share with the occasional visitor.

Phone call ahead to John Lewis to check they had these in stock -“Yes, we have several pairs”

Turn up in store, partner spends ten minutes scouring the shelves. And then twenty-five more minutes searching stock rooms, before admitting defeat.

Anyhow have a pair of these on order. Which I shall collect and then take to audio dept to ask them to open and demonstrate to me.

Anybody used them, or got better suggestions?
[Can not cope with weight of over ears}

Could you ask him if he notices the neckband part of them, please?

Does it limit his listening time?

They’re on holiday at the moment- I’ll ask him when he gets back :thumbsup:

About 18 hours experience with them now. Very disappointing.

My bathroom is about 10 metres from laptop. Each visit means not just drop in connection, but having to re-pair devices.

Radio plays are reduced to about an inch of soundstage width. It is stereo, but so narrow that there’s no point.

And music has about as much life in it as a cardboard cut out.
Have to grind through returns procedure, and find something better.

Honestly the freebies supplied with phone are superior in all respects, apart from the freedom to walk around in the same room.

I presume (from ignorance) that sensitivity figures give a clue to a complete low volume listening?

Know any high sensitivity IEM?

Been trying to get there without battling way through headphonista sites, but if anyone has recommended forum, please let me know.

I’m going to come back to this and eat some humble pie on my first impressions.

Lots of change with burn-in!
How soundstage width can change from inch wide to 7/8th rear wall of skull is beyond me.

Continued when time.