Get yer pies (and pasties) out

About time we had a thread dedicated to the universal wonder that is THE PIE (savoury, not sweet)

Bought or homemade, let’s see what you can come up with to set the taste buds tingling.

Homemade beef mince & onion


The pies that @rmsshipbroker fetches along to bake-offs, Lopwell etc are just fecking wonderful. I had forgotten just how good, until yesterday :+1:


Sneaky internal shot


Macaroni pie at Annan Athletic yesterday, seems to be a Scottish thing


These steak pies are adequate:

It most certainly is… They even have a specific category in the Scotch Pie World Championships

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I had a Killie pie at Kilmarnock FC a couple of years ago, it was gorgeous.


The Killie Pie is now so famous it has ascended beyond the realm of football. You can buy them in numerous supermarkets in Scotland, not the same as eating one on the terrace though.

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Scottish football pies can be epic. I had one at the North of Scotland cup final in 2010 that was truly magnificent.

Slight diversion: one of the teams in that final, Wick Academy, hold the record for the furthest distance away fixture in UK domestic football in a fixture with Annan.


Get yourself over to The Country Shop butchers on Clarkston Road. Their steak pies are superb.


I bumped into another Evertonian today at Livingston v Hearts , he said “It’s a different world up here” and I’ve got to say the pies are different class. I made a poor girl at Leicester City get her supervisor once because my chicken tikka pie was burnt to buggery , I quoted the trade description act to get my money back (I may have been drinking)

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Thanks for the tip Tony. I stay in Giffnock so it’s not far to go to buy the modestly titled “Best steak pies in Glasgow”.

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Scotch pie, brown sauce. Dribble.


Scotch pie in a generously buttered morning roll.

Crombies in Broughton Street in Edinbutgh was a favoured haunt.

Is there any other way to eat one?

Haha. I got my lunch there most days for a couple of years.

It was mandatory to pronounce the Barony of the Barony Bar in the manner of “Si, Baroni” from Danger Mouse.


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Is that what you could call an Edinburgh Kebab. Not to be confused with the superior Wigan Kebab.


“Ragged Oven” pork and chorizo pie, bought from one of the local butchers on Saturday. Sorry lads, I didn’t buy it especially for this thread.

Don’t judge my pickles.


I think it’s size, or lack of, will count against it on here. :grinning:

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Nice but has indigestion/heartburn written all over it! :slight_smile:

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