Gigs I'm going to..........eventually

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I fancy this next year.

Near you, I think.

But I’m a bit discouraged by the location. If they list “driving” as the first travel option then it’s probably not going to be all that easy.

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Hoping they are all still alive next May, and that the Leadmill is still in existence

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Not sure if it’s geoblocked, just today the Level 42 concert can be seen here:

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I’m sticking with level 41 I don’t want to go any higher

Thea at the Ropetackle tonight


When you meet the girl of your dreams maybe outside the bogs is not the best place :grinning:


Off to see Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit with @coco tonight at the Hammersmith Odeon
(Whatever they call it now it is still the Hammersmith Odeon in my head)


Not often you see this outside venues these days


Lady Blackbird
Manchester Cathedral
Too many gothic columns


Missed her when she was in NL :frowning:

Just secured a ticket for Lady Blackbird in Germany next year! :slight_smile:

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Says it all - Thea Gilmore at Norwich Arts Centre - she was fucking great. Being rid of that useless cunt of a husband has improved her no end, and ‘Afterlight’ is the strongest thing she’s done.

State of the fucking audience tho’ - Sam and I were the youngest there, the vibe was 100% telly-room at the care home when the Vera Lynn tribute is round…

Loaded-up with good beer and top burgers at the Ten Bells beforehand so Sod’s Happy.


Ever heard of him or been there?

Been to the Bedford many, many times in the past. No idea what it’s like now though.

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Rough as fuck iirc, mind you that was when Bedford Hill was a notorious red light area in the 80s

All looked down on by the denizens of the Duke of Devonshire which was where I spent far too much of my time when I worked in Balham

Iona Lane and Chris Brain tonight, at Cafe #9
Lovely sets

Dream Nails supporting Billy Nomates at Village Underground.

Nice venue.

“Queer punk” apparently. Face it folks, literally nothing rhymes with “non-binary” :laughing: