Gigs I'm going to. The Gyroscope diaries

Resurrecting the old thread.

Off to see Maz O’Connor on Tuesday.

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Anais Mitchell in Oxford next Thursday


Yet to see Anais live, always liked her stuff. I see this is an Empty Rooms gig, he has a lot lined up

Yes Mike is putting on a lot around Oxford now.
Always really good stuff If you like Americana

Been to a few over the years. He does well to keep the prices low in such small venues. Would like to see Alejandro Escovedo.

An enjoyable brassy evening yesterday with Bison

and the Hackney Colliery Band

Saw The Doors Alive last night. Better than I expected, the singer was good.

Peter Bellamy’s The Transports at The Stables in January

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after Bison and the HCB on Thursday, last night was Sheelanagig, with a mad performance that had the audience dancing away. Still early in the tour, well worth catching if you like lively Balkan-flavoured sounds. Samples and remaining gigs here:

and a typically lively street performance:

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Looks an interesting development of the original, and with a good bunch of singers and musicians - will try to catch them in Buxton.

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9Bach at King’s Place, early February next year.

I like 9Bach, I like King’s Place. Win win.

Although if it’s in the same “hall” (room, more like) as I attended to see Sam Carter, it’s quite bijou. I would have thought that 9Bach would have been a bigger draw.

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It’s worth noting that Mr James has been confirmed for Field Day next year.

I really enjoyed Field Day earlier this year, particularly the DJs in the bandstand all afternoon - no one very famous, just good tunes.

Oh, and Goat were good. Very good.

Death Grips now also added to the Field Day bill. Thought this might be of interest to @anon14766838

Oh, and Nicholas Jaar. If you’re into electronica check this out:

would have gone to that, but already have tickets for Depeche Mode at the Olympic Park on the same day…

Rod Stewart tonight, Ms ICHM part Chrimbo present. I should have sold the tickets as they are worth 3 times the face value.

Thievery Corporation are playing Ancien Belgique in Brussels on March 4th, and the Roundhouse the next night. Decisions, decisions :slight_smile:

Thr support band The Sisterhood are rubbish C&W wank, Ian would love them :grinning:

Initially thought that was a prog ref

C&W = Cloaks & Wizards


Rod in a nappy thing