Gigs I'm going to


Just got back, really enjoyed it. I had four tickets but one couldn’t make it.


Yep we both thought it was fantastic, I liked the rearrangements and real quality playing. Back down to Devon this morning


I was hoping for Bitter Truth and Tree by the River.

We were lucky they didn’t evacuate, apparently they were very close to this.


I only just reread about it this morning …


We went to get a drink at the interval and stopped from exiting the left hand side of the hall, told there had been an explosion and the whole place was in lock down. Scary stuff but lucky we have super tight security.

Looked over to the right and people were just walking out so we made our way to the bar that way :smiley:


I’m glad I went right for my double whisky :sunglasses:


If i’m not to knackered after a long drive next week, i might stop at Bristol to see these;


Missed her last time around so hoping to catch this


Go-Kart Mozart, Brighton basement warm-up gig.

Wow…best thing for a while. Fantastic band, really enjoyed them running over songs from both the new and previous albums.

Go and see them if you can, you will not regret it.


I’m going to this :sunglasses:


Got back home, very hungover to find the Mrs has got us tkts to Soft Cell’s farewell gig in September :grinning:


I never knew you, you never knew me :smile:


Martha Tilston at the Ropetackle Shoreham on Friday night.


Peter & The Test Tube Babies, they must be 60 by now.


Testament, Vader & Annihilator at Motion, Bristol.



I have tickets for Sleaford Mods at the Roundhouse.

The email described the two night run as “intimate shows”.

Sleaford Mods.


I’m having a bit of trouble with this concept.


Love the Roundhouse as I do, old engine-sheds are hardly predisposed to intimacy…


Is it an acoustic show? :grin:



Andrew Fearn isn’t even going to have to press return on his laptop before reaching for that oh-so-tasty beer can


Very tempted to go and see Gimp Fist, just because of the name.