Gigs I'm going to


Gregory Porter, Sheffield City Hall on Sunday.


My fave Late Junction presenter :heart_eyes: That gal has cost me £££ in interesting music.


Arcade Fire.

Good reviews so far and a great set list.

Genting tonight…


eric bibb at birmingham townhall 3rd may if anyone interested , went last year and it was superb


Genuinely fantastic.

If you can see them on this tour, do it. You won’t sit down…

Whatever you think of the new album, they blow you away live.


Don McLean in conversation and performance at Maida Vale studios next week.
Quite looking forward to this actually!


I got dragged along to Birmingham to see him a couple of years ago (Narelle is a fan). Dire. Absolutely dire!


I could have told you @OzzyOzzyOzzyOiOiOi this world was never meant to be as flutetastic as you


Not enough wizards’n’capes?


I’m not surprised you didn’t enjoy it. He clearly knows nothing about songwriting. I mean, he writes songs with a middle eight structure. Any progger fule kno that proper tunes have middle eight thousands as a minimum.




I hate you lot :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


If only.


Live doing what!?

She is bankrupt due to recent legal costs so must be desperate.


The amusing bit is that that personal appearance is apparently scheduled for 2am and she’s supposed to be at Blackheath at 8am on the Sunday giving interviews prior to doing the London marathon which she hasn’t trained for.

I wonder what the good people of Redcar are expecting from her other than ‘tits oot for the lads’. :nauseated_face:


She doesn’t do that anymore. She’s a serious artiste nowadays doncha know :smirk:


Cosey Fanni Tutti tonight in the stow :zap:


The Stones, Manchester. June 5th.

Due to the stupid AXS website not providing a proper sales confirmation, I inadvertently resubmitted my order and have 2 tickets.

If I can’t cancel one, does anyone fancy going? The tickets were £103.something p with all the nonsense they add on, but the face value is £89.95, so I’d be happy with £90 if anyone is interested?

Edit: I’ve just read their refund policy, and basically, I’m stuck with a spare ticket.

Claire doesn’t want to go, and somehow I doubt either of the kids would be interested… and it’d be nice to have someone to chat to if there are any Northern meatmen who fancy it?


Great gig tonight


Spare ticket with me and Kev for Gomez at the Dome in Brighton tonight if anyone fancies it?