Gigs I'm going to


Am off on the hippy trail on Saturday night.


Lucky chap - look forward to hearing about it


Pairs of lucky dip tickets for the Stones, £30 a ticket. I’m tempted at that price…


Just booked as I am not sure I can go wrong for £35 with booking fees.

Also a piss easy to get to at Stratford as I live on the North London Line.


Cheap way to see The Stones & a good method of stopping some of the scalping.
Take binoculars and jobs a good un.


Hopefully will get standing or down the side but yes I may spend a lot fo time looking at the big screens. However for under 50% of any other ticket option really can’t complain.


Folk by the Oak at Hatfield House - 15th July.
always a lovely day out, bring a picnic


Went to see Banter supported by Blair Dunlop at our local festival at the weekend. Next up Maz O’Connor with Jack Carty at the Stables.


The the in 2 weeks in London,the band lineup looks very good


Martin Simpson tomorrow night, doing a charity gig at the school his daughter attends (High Storrs, Sheffield)


Very good it was too. Mostly solo, but joined by guests at the end of each set. Crap photo, but L to R Jon Boden, Nancy Kerr, Martin Simpson, Molly Simpson, Liz Hanks (we’re lucky to have a number of talented musicians locally).


Had a brilliant time last night at the Olympic Stadium, the Stones still can rock it. Florence and the Machine weren’t great though.

If you can get to Southampton, Cardiff or Coventry there are still lucky dip tickets. Thats a funny process as when you collect the tickets you actually get to choose a envelope with a pair of tickets. Ours were General Admission (the pitch and un-reserved seating) which have a face value of £89.95 each so we were well pleased.

Coventry as to be a good option as the Specials are support.

A pair of luck dip tickets including booking fees was just over £70 for those not sure.


Bargain for a show of that size. They can still hack it despite a total age of almost 300. Did they do that audience pick a song thing?


I agree, combined age has to be getting on for 300. They did do the audience choice(actually online) and last night it was Dead Flowers.


Gomez Bring It On tour in August.


Martin Simpson and Martin Taylor in Sheffield, November (they’re doing a tour then, various venues).


If they are as good as they were at Cambridge a few weeks ago you’re in for a great night.


they have already played the first leg of the UK tour.
I saw them in Brighton about a month ago.

Awesome gig.


Saw them together a few years ago, great gig, Martin Simpson is no slouch but Martin Taylor is astonishing.


Was meant to see the stones in the early 00s at Twickenham, but partner selfishly had gallbladder stones

Then when i was working in Jersey had tickets to see them in Paris,but K richards fell out of a coconut tree so it was cancelled.

Fuck em,would still like to see them though.