Gigs I'm going to


and quite wonderful it was :grin:

In the Flat Field in full, followed by a best of Bauhaus selection. Top night with a bunch of old goths and even a few young ones


Lauryn Hill tomorrow night with Mrs Craig.

The reviews so far on the tour are, shall we say, mixed


Looking forward to this one…


Have they just finished the last show they started 40-odd years ago? It is prog isn’t it so 39 and a bit years for a ten song set plus two encores seems about right.


I care not. Prog is what I live for. He is a great exponent.
And I’m 17 again :+1:



So the last show finished 60-odd years ago then??


Cunt :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


I am definitely up for a bit of Fish Rising live! Hopefully they will add some dates nearer to Bristol.