Gigs I'm going to


me too I’m going to go to the exeter one


fancy it?

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Never heard of her, but listening now, and liking. Quite reminiscent of Imogen Heap. I might go to the Exeter one.

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Will have a listen,heard of them,but never listened to them.

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My birthday. Tempted.

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It’s an interesting sound. I like it. Been around for years, it seems, but totally unknown to me until today. If I don’t have anything on, I’ll definitely go to the Exeter gig.

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Saw these recently. We quite liked them. So we have booked them to do a slot at our wedding. Should be nice.


next Friday in York - Lee Scratch Perry

Lee Scratch Perry

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Mile Twelve tonight at the Greystones, Sheffield. Warning - something approaching bluegrass below

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and wow, a lively night. A really tight band, rooted in bluegrass and Americana but happy to use other influences in writing songs. Started with Where the Drunkards Roll and did Rocketman as an encore, with lots of fast stuff in between. Worth catching.


Pineapple Thief at O2 Academy Newcastle tonight.


@htm_1968 is there any reason I shouldn’t go to see ACR in Islington at the beginning of May?


Nope. I wanted to see them in MCR in May but will be in Lisbon for Dead Can Dance instead (if I am fit to travel). I’ve not seen them for a while but they’ve nearly always been a good night out. Bring your whistle and dancing shoes…

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might tempt us out, they look interesting


OK - I’ve got this.




Some (ACR:MCR LP is a good example). More funk/electro though.


Simon Holderness House Concert tonight., Turners Hill Nr Crawley

Simon follows the American folk tradition of house concerts.
A musician stays with his family while on their travels and plays a gig in his front room in return

It has slightly evolved from that in that Simon charges for tickets and also provides food etc for the guests. 10 years since I went to see Diana Jones as an unknown artist there. Tonight she returns with 5 albums under her belt and could fill a much bigger venue. Tonight it is £15.00 ticket for about 16 - 20 people in Simon’s front room. A very different intimate musical experience.

Simon gets a mention in this article from a few years ago


Hopefully sister Nancy in Falmouth and Hugh cornwell in Exeter


Tiny Ruins were fantastic tonight playing at the Exchange in Bristol which is a great little venue.


Just got news of this. I’m definitely going to see this and any other gigs I can get to. I’ve seen him a couple of times over the years. Always a wonderful show.