Girly LPs wanted

in a bid to entice my wife into the man cave (saves on heating) I need a few girly LPs in exc condish as follows:

Beverley Craven - 1990 self titled
Daniel Beddingfield - gotta get through this
Anything by Alison Krauss
Anything by lady antebellum
Anything that might get played on magic FM

anyone got anything?


The irony…

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Micheal Bolton spinning now - can’t reach the notes but trying… (me not him)#


very disappointng fellas - happy to transact by PM if you don’t want to fess up to owning a mint copy of rod stuart’s footloose and fancy free


Can I send you all Donna’s Wet Wet Wet Lps please? I think she has a Gary Barlow one too…


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you can try but not giving you my address - there are limits you know Rob :grimacing:

Oh pleeeeaaase!

Louise recommends


Thanks to the spirit thread and marks generosity I have Neil diamond greatest hits incoming on 7.5 inch r2r which has made my week

Not exactly overrun with offers otherwise but keen to hear what you have of course still

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Try Shelby Lynnes cover of Dusty Springfield songs. Can’t remember the name of it, but it is quite lovely.

Best I can do is Neil Diamond - the Jazz Singer and Cliff Richards - Greatest Hits.

Present from a friend.

Not sure that “Why’d Ya Do It” is particularly girly compared to the music described in the OP.

Mrs MWS was complaining about some Jazz ‘Noise’ the other day. She went on to state "Women don’t listen to that kind of thing". Irked I dug out my copy of this:


A fairly innocuous cover for a militant lesbian country LP with mild psychedelic leanings.
Initially Mrs. MWS didn’t seem to perturbed by the sound but as she tuned into the lyrics of “The bloods” I was met with the glacial stare of contempt and disgust…

Jazz, the ends justify the means.

Louise says it is - so it must be

Fair point, it’s works like that in our house

Jazz is a sure fire way of spending time on my own in the man cave, literally rins off of I try to spin anything remotely jazzy

some classics on the go here as a result of the latest push - just a few we played this week:

Barbara Streisand - guilty (its great)
Michael Bolton - best of (wow this guy can sing)
John Denver - back home again (true classic - sadly my copy is scratched and overplayed so need a fresh 1st pressing )

can;t believe I didn’t get more offers from meat folks - not a single classic between you?

Surely women have different tastes in music though lol