Glass CD’s

Has anyone heard one of these?
Crystal Glass CD v Poly Carbonate CD.

Glass CD’s what?

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Can you get Glass on glass. Are the highs shatteringly high?

I suppose glass CDs would make more upmarket coasters.

Some of the Spacemen 3 and Jazz Butcher albums are on Glass CDs and LPs for that matter.

They invented a CD made of glass which blew away the Poly Carbonate CD soundwise. But it is very expensive and never really sold outside Japan. Read the article or google it.

Yes, but glass CD’s what?


Have you read the article?


My guess is that Mark is more interested in the incorrect possessive apostrophe than Glass CDs


Thanks Kev.

There is creepage with the plural apostrophe. The only pure position is to say never i.e. “Never use an apostrophe before a plural s”.

But even the OED allows it sometimes

There are one or two cases in which it is acceptable to use an apostrophe to form a plural, purely for the sake of clarity:

you can use an apostrophe to show the plurals of single letters:

I’ve dotted the i’s and crossed the t’s.

Find all the p’s in appear.

you can use an apostrophe to show the plurals of single numbers:

Find all the number 7’s.

These are the only cases in which it is generally considered acceptable to use an apostrophe to form plurals: remember that an apostrophe should never be used to form the plural of ordinary nouns, names, abbreviations, or numerical dates.

As soon as you allow it sometimes you’re on the slippery slope. Despite the OED it’s common to see it used for decades as in “the 60’s” and IIRC that’s even accepted in Eats, Shoots and Leaves. Are abbreviations so very different from numbers ?


Wow. Truly amazing. Did you look at the Glass CD article Graeme
is has charts and tech stuff. :heart_eyes:

Who is this Grahame you speak of?

People will literally buy any old tat.

Is the sound more transparent than normal ones?

It has graphs!

Meh, inferior to tape :face_with_monocle:

I confess I haven’t gone through it. No doubt the devil will be in the detail. That said, good quality glass is certainly a better optical material than any plastic. It is more homogeneous, less scattery, less prone to damage (scratching, fogging, heat effects), more stable/durable in the long term and capable of being polished to a very much better degree of flatness. But if plastic is already very nearly perfect and not the weakest link in the CD chain (that could be the metal layer, or the servo controlling the laser or the digital error correction or something else) then changing from plastic to glass won’t make much difference to the overall performance.



iirc from what I read about a decade ago in attempting to understand what really does make a difference to the resolution of CDs (aside from the actual bandwidth limitations of the format), it was buffering and error-correction that could make by far the most difference. To get a read 100% right involves a pretty huge buffer, and the delay in starting to play a disc this originally caused led to this approach disappearing pretty quickly from most CDPs. I believe it’s also the main reason why good quality rips of CDs often sound better than the CDs when played thru the same DAC.

Gold/XRCD was often sold as sounding better, but was only introduced to combat the oxidation of the aluminium layer in some conventional CDs.

Can’t see the outright transparency of the CD itself being much of an issue given that things like black CDs play perfectly well!

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But that’s the point. Plastic is the weak link.

But when you rip a CD, it just works. Dbpoweramp does a burst rip, ie 32x speed, and it checks against the database to see if it’s right and it almost always is. The only time I get errors is when I try to rip a CD that is scratched to buggery.

CD reading is a solved problem, even at really high speeds.